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Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to Check IRCTC TDR Status | TDR History


Have you applied for TDR at IRCTC. Now you can check the status of your TDR. Lets follow the step by step procedure to check the full status of your filling.

Step 1: Follow all the instructions from the given link and go to File TDR Screen.

How to Get Refund Amount from IRCTC | File TDR

Step 2: Click on Check status button to know your current filling status.

Click on Check status

if you haven't file TDR yet it displays

You have notfile TDR yet

Step 3:  To check check DTR History, just follow these steps.

Click on TDR History

Step 4: List of TDR files appears below, now to check full status  select the ticket and click on check status.

History of TDR

Step 5:   All the details of ticket along with correct status and money refund appears in detailed window.

TDR Details

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